Thursday, November 05, 2015

failure at the gu-cheong

The female staffer at the Gangnam District Office this morning told me that her office doesn't handle requests like mine. I told her that a website had said her office does deal with reporting passport-related changes. She smiled sweetly and suggested I dial 1345 to speak with Immigration about what I need to do. So I'll be doing that later this morning.

When I got to my office in Daechi, I told my coworker the above. "Bullshit," he said, noting sourly that our little bureaucrat just didn't want to help. Maybe her line was bullshit; I really don't know. But why would Korea4Expats say what it said? Was it an honest mistake? Did something change between the time that post had been written and today?

Upshot: I'm very likely going to have to go to Mokdong. Fuck.

UPDATE: I called 1345 Immigration, and they said I could simply fax in (1) my new passport, (2) my F4 visa card (ARC), and (3) application form #34. I'll do that from home, mighty Cthulhu be praised.



Charles said...

Good to know that it can be done from home!

Sperwer said...

I got it done at the gu office last time, no problem