Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Day tomorrow

Our boss at the Golden Goose suddenly gave us tomorrow off because we have to come in on Saturday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so the boss thought it'd be a good idea, morale-wise, to give us some temporary liberty. My coworker is, unbelievably, even more reclusive than I am, so I doubt he's going to do much with his day off except play the recently released Fallout 4 (watch Conan O'Brien try his hand at the game here, as part of his "Clueless Gamer" review series) and/or read. He (the coworker) is also prepping to move back to the States in early December, so his Thanksgiving might involve the preliminaries of packing. I, meanwhile, will be making a cottage pie, the beefy answer to lamb-y shepherd's pie. If I have any leftovers after dinner, I might share them with my boss and coworker on Friday.

So what are your Thanksgiving plans?



  1. No plans for Turkey Day here, unless reading student theses for committees next week counts.

    (Inspired by a recent tweet: After rooting about a bit, I discovered that the English "dwarf" comes from the Old English "dweorg." The parallel Old English word "beorg" developed into the Modern English "barrow"; "dwarf" was an irregular development. But it does shed light on why Tolkien rendered Khazad-dum as "Dwarrowdelf" in the Common Speech. That was something I always wondered about. I figured there had to be a good reason.)

  2. Going to Ocean City to celebrate with family. Also, Thanksgiving coincides (this year) with my father-in-law's birthday. Leaving in few hours. Not looking forward to drive...

  3. Charles,

    Fascinating as always.


    I've invited Ligament over, so it'll be dinner for two. She's buying drinks. I'm doing the main meal, salad, dessert, and maybe a hummus/naan appetizer.

  4. Ligament?

    And Charles, that is interesting!

    My father-in-law's friend met Tolkien, and had a tour of his garden.

    3 degrees.

  5. That you, Rory? Welcome back to the blog, if so.

    The moniker "Ligament" began when I wanted to refer to my lady friend as "A Certain Lady." That got abbreviated to "ACL," at which point I noticed that "ACL" also happened to stand for "anterior cruciate ligament," which I injured during my 600-mile walk in 2008. From there, it was a short step to referring to A Certain Lady simply as "Ligament."

  6. Hey, Kevin, yes, it's me. Lovely. Your blog has its own lexical etymology. :)



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