Monday, November 30, 2015

get it while you can

The downstairs grocery store in my building, E-Mart Everyday, has decided to start selling a limited selection of Western-style deli and sausage meats, from sliced ham to turkey to Bratwurst to Weißwurst. I'm surprised and delighted, and I have no idea how long this experiment is going to last. Maybe it's E-Mart's attempt at wooing us away from Costco. The prices downstairs won't match Costco's, I'm sure, but the convenience of being able to find such meats in my own building might very well make up for Costco's cheap deals.

I do believe I'll go down in a few minutes and raid E-Mart's fridge.



Charles said...

Might come in handy for next weekend, if it lasts.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm giving the brats and Weisswurst a test run this evening—sort of a mini-choucroute.