Saturday, November 28, 2015

today, we work

I have to be in the office, today, from 1PM onward. Later in the day, my boss, my coworker, and I will be driving over to Korea University to engage in our Saturday project: debate judging. We have no clear idea what we'll be doing or how we'll be doing it, and my coworker is convinced that, whatever we thought we would be doing will be changed at the last minute to something else, because that's how things work in nonlinear Korea, where the best-laid plans inevitably fly off the tracks unless you're in the rigid fields of robotics, cell phones, or automobile assembly.

While I'm not happy about working over the weekend, (1) we did get this past Thursday off as anticipatory compensation, and (2) it'll be nice to visit Korea U.'s campus again. I haven't been in that neighborhood for years.

If I can snap some pics of the kids doing the debating, I will.


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