Thursday, November 12, 2015

attack of the crêpes


I decided to practice making crêpes Wednesday night. Not having any real flour, I used a Korean pancake powder, along with Alton Brown's recipe for crêpe batter, to make some unique but perfectly edible French pancakes.

Below, I lay down the foundation for my favorite sort of crêpe: Nutella, berry, and banana. First, the Nutella and banana slices. Nutella is hard to spread on a hot crêpe without tearing the bread, but I somehow managed to spread without ripping.

Next, I added my berry sauce, an improvised mix of frozen blueberries and strawberry jam instead of my usual simple syrup.

Below, a wide shot of two completed crêpes. I've tossed on some leftover banana slices as well as some blackberries. For effect.

Finally, a poorly lit cross section of one of the crêpes:


Bratfink said...

Dammit. Now I'm all hungry. :-/

Elisson said...

You should be arrested for this. ;-)