Monday, November 09, 2015

soup's on

Tonight, I'm going to slave over my cutting boards and my stove to make two kinds of Korean soup: (1) my infamous budae-jjigae (with Costco ingredients tonight, alas) and (2) a fish stew that was originally supposed to be al-tang (fish-egg stew) until I discovered that the downstairs market sells no al (fish eggs— in veiny, phallic, egg-sac form for the stew in question). A shame, that. I know there's a market near where I used to live in Chungmuro that sells tons and tons of fish-egg sacs. Maybe, one day, I'll take a trip out that way.

Anyway, tonight I'll be making soup, bagging it up in Ziploc bags, and freezing it so I can enjoy something good and spicy for fairly cheap on a per-meal basis. I need to make at least 20 bags' worth to keep the per-portion price down. Shouldn't be too hard; I make soup in bulk as it is.


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