Monday, February 13, 2017

"a national-security nightmare"

Although I got the fundamentals utterly wrong during last year's election, I think I did call it when I referred to both Trump and Clinton as national-security nightmares. This article at the Observer seems to bear that conviction out. Trump needs to watch his six.

ADDENDUM: for balance, though, you might want to read the Instapundit comments in response to the article.

UPDATE: Michael Flynn, the security nightmare in question, is resigning his post. Good. May the next occupant of that position be chosen more carefully.

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King Baeksu said...

The Observer, along with the rest of the "liberal" media in the UK and the US, have only one goal as far is Trump is concerned and that is to take him out by any means necessary. Anything they say must always be interpreted with that in mind. I trust them about as much as I would Pravda during the Brezhnev era.

As far as national security goes, I find this much more disturbing. See also here.