Thursday, February 23, 2017

the great winding-down

It's been an intense two months of mostly seven-day weeks plus long, caffeinated nights at the office. Good thing I have no wife and kids, or I'd be in trouble at home for sure. Today, I finished the final proofing of the manuscript for our 2B-level grammar-vocab textbook. The 3B-level book's PDF will be coming my way shortly, but in the meantime, I can enjoy a reprieve lasting anywhere from three to twenty-four hours, depending on when the 3B manuscript arrives—hence this blog entry.

The boss has expressed guilty feelings about my work load, but I don't blame him: the sudden change in schedule came down the pipe in early January because another manager failed to communicate promptly with our department about a sudden change in plans (sudden is a good adjective to keep close by when you work in Korea: long-range planning isn't Koreans' point fort, and Korean culture is drunkenly nonlinear). In any event, the boss has told me to take "a few" days off once I'm done with proofing 3B, which I will gladly do.

During the March-April time frame, I'll be working on only one book, which means my work load will be halved. That's good because it gives me the time I need to prep for the walk.

My boss is letting me go home early today, so I'm outta here. Gotta shop for moqueca ingredients for tomorrow's last hurrah until summer.

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