Sunday, February 26, 2017


This is news?

If you're receiving political advice from celebrities, then you're the idiot who has chosen to follow idiots, and I pity you. Move on, guys. Nothing to see here.


TheBigHenry said...

"This is news?"

Short answer: No
Long answer: No!
Emphatic answer: Hell no!
Sarcastic answer: What part of "no" do you not understand?
PC answer: Of course it is.
Wrong answer: Yes.

King Baeksu said...

In defending liberalism's oppressed mascots, Hollywood's clowns and entertainers can pretend that they are not mere mascots of the culture themselves.

Thoms Sowell said it best: Optional Reality

Kevin Kim said...


Enjoy your time on Twitter. I'm finding Gab to be pleasant, but fairly monochromatic. Twitter, meanwhile, is getting more exciting: just wait until you tweet something even vaguely provocative after you've accumulated a few hundred followers.

King Baeksu said...

I put in a request for Gab three times going back to last year, but have yet to get a response. No biggie.

I like being able to interact with famous people on Twitter. Black Pigeon Speaks already liked one of my comments.

That said, I'm going to move away from politics going forward. I'd like to focus more on literary and philosophical content, with a specific East Asian focus.

Frankly, the liberals are so predictable now that it's simply no fun engaging them anymore. At this point, I can scan the front page of the NYT and know within seconds what each article is going to say. I wonder if they'll still be around a few years from now.