Wednesday, February 01, 2017

"America's values, resisting Trump"

It's All Trump, All the Time here in Korea. The man knows how to get free advertising.

NB: I'm actually not confident in my translation of that headline. The proper Korean term for values (as in the phrase "core values") is gachigwan (가치관), not gachi which, by itself, merely means "value" in the sense of "worth." So the phrase "미국의 가치" could easily translate as "America's worth" or "America's value"—singular. The other thing throwing me off is the expression "~에 맞서다" (~ae matseoda), which means "to resist, confront, oppose, face, stand up to." Naver's online dictionary gives a host of examples of this verbal expression in context. The word in front of the "~에 맞서다," in this case, is "트럼프," i.e., "Trump." So I'm pretty sure that the whole phrase "트럼프에 맞서다" (Trump-ae matseoda) means something like "resist(ing) Trump." The -da (-다) ending indicates this is a sentence, not a gerund phrase, as I've translated it, and that comma is throwing me off because I'd like to think of "America's value(s)" as the subject of the sentence ending in -da. But in English, you don't separate your subject and your predicate with a comma, and I have no idea if this rule applies in Korean. So, with my still-paltry Korean knowledge, I'm left to wonder what the best translation of the headline might be. I think I've caught the spirit of the headline, which is definitely about America's value(s), Trump, and opposing Trump. I was originally tempted to translate the headline as "Trump opposes American values," but once I examined the grammatical construction "~에 맞서다," I realized Trump was the opposed, not the opposer.

I'm going to guess that the headline is probably a translation of something Bernie Sanders (pictured) said about, or to, Trump. Am not sure how much stock I put in an avowed socialist with three large, expensive properties to his name, but then again, we don't want to be guilty of the genetic fallacy, do we...

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King Baeksu said...

조중동 are basically globalists. This is the vision of Korea they seem to be promoting. I frankly think they're insane.

Ironically enough, it was globalists like George Soros who nearly ruined the country back in 1997 and 1998 (tee hee, they all still think it was the "IMF"). I guess Koreans are so proudly nationalistic that if they're going to have their country destroyed, dammit, they're going to make sure they do it themselves!