Sunday, February 19, 2017

when marketing strikes

I guess the designers of this graphic had never heard the old riddle about blondes:

Q: How do you kill a blonde?

A: Put spikes on her shoulder pads.

This heroine's days are numbered.


Charles said...

Too funny.

(Totally missing the point here, of course, but it's amusing how those spikes originally did serve a purpose on armor, at least when they formed the haute-piece on a pauldron to protect the neck. Just another example of artists drawing something to make it look cool without having any clue about its original function.)

Kevin Kim said...

The only reason I know what a pauldron is is that I've read George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Martin drops all sorts of archaic vocabulary into his saga; I know five or six different words for "horse" now—words like "palfrey"—thanks to Martin. That goes for pieces of armor, too.

Charles said...

I have yet to start reading Martin. I'm afraid he's never going to finish the series.