Saturday, February 04, 2017

God help me, I ate this today

Quite possibly the most revolting piece of sushi I've ever eaten: fake crab, "American" cheese, mayonnaise, seaweed... and fucking rainbow sprinkles.

Lunch was at Sushi-O in Gangnam with my buddy Tom (his treat). Generally quite good at 17,000 won per person, but that piece of sushi is the thing I'll remember most.

All-you-can-eat sushi is a tacky concept that I associate more with America than with East Asia, but here it is, doing great business in the heart of Seoul's trendy district.

Enjoy the frightening visuals.


Bratfink said...

Rainbow sprinkles? WTF? :-O

Kevin Kim said...

It tastes about as horrifying as it looks. Never again. I blame Tom for goading me to eat it.

Charles said...

The question is: Why did you eat this? Tom may have goaded you, but you didn't have to take the bait. I would have told Tom to shove that monstrosity where the sun don't shine.

He probably would have done it, too.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm sufficiently morally developed to know when I do and don't have a choice. So yeah, my blaming of Tom was a joke.

Joking aside, I admit I was looking for a new experience, however disgusting it might be.