Wednesday, February 15, 2017

good God

Breaking news! North Korean dictator Kim Jeong-eun's older brother, Kim Jeong-nam, was assassinated on Valentine's Day.

North Korea: our very own Game of Thrones.

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King Baeksu said...

Let's see here: Trump is cozying up to Abe of Japan (the DPRK's hated enemy), and seems inclined to adopt a more aggressive stance towards China not only economically but also geopolitically (for example, granting greater legitimacy to Taiwan). A period of instability seems likely for China, and since the PRC is North Korea's main protector and benefactor, Kim Jong-un must be feeling rather vulnerable at the moment as well. Whenever a regime is feeling insecure and threatened by external forces, pretenders to the throne are generally more emboldened. Kim Jong-nam was actually Kim Jong-il's preferred successor. Did Kim Jong-un decide to tie up that loose end for good?