Thursday, February 02, 2017

get ready, bitch, 'cause it's

I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for the movie "Arrival" to finally make it to Korea. When I saw that "Arrival" would be arriving on February 2, I was delighted, but now that February 2 is here, I've discovered that "Arrival" is already available on US home video. So I've bought the damn movie on iTunes and will be watching it at home. Sorry, Korean movie theaters, but if you delay a movie this long, you're not getting my money—not when I can own the movie for just a couple bucks more than the cost of an overpriced movie ticket.

Meanwhile, Happy Groundhog Day to those of you who worship groundhogs.

"And that's... when I... eat ass!"


Charles said...

That final image is worthy of Bad Lip Reading.

Kevin Kim said...

I had to think about that line. I'd originally wanted to do, "Tonight... we dine... with ELVES!"—but that didn't work.