Monday, January 29, 2018

a little red-pilling this evening

Stefan Molyneux to the rescue in one of his better spiels:


King Baeksu said...

If Trump is slashing regulations and shrinking the size of the government, how does that possibly make him a Hitlerian "dictator" as all the shitlibs claim?

On Saturday evening I was driving with a Korean friend and while we were stopped at a traffic light in Kangnam, we began to ever so slightly drift backwards as she fiddled with her smartphone's GPS. Soon we heard a loud honking and she immediately realized she had forgotten to engage the breaks.

No damage done as we had not hit the pumpkin-colored SUV behind us, which turned out to be helmed by mean-faced ajumma in a mannish punch perm and a fake fur coat. She got out and began to berate my friend, and continued to do so even as the signals turned green and all the cars behind us began to honk impatiently.

My friend got back into her car and drove on, yet the ajumma pursued us while flashing her high beams until we finally pulled over to the side of the road. She insisted on calling the police, while at the same time demanding "compensation."

A young policeman finally came, and he turned out to be useless, suggesting my friend give the ajumma W100,000 before soon driving off and leaving us to sort out the dispute for ourselves. I got out and told the ajumma that there had been no contact between our cars and noted there was no damage on either her front bumper or the rear bumper of my friend's Hyundai.

She continued to howl and moan and insisted on calling a representative from my friend's insurance agent, who took a good half an hour to arrive.

When he finally did come, he stared at the ajumma's front bumper with muted bemusement as she continued to point indignantly at it and fulminate. "This ajumma is literally hallucinating," I told my friend. Eventually the insurance rep determined that she was crazy, and after taking a few photographs of her spotless, unmarked bumper, he gave her his card and told her to file a report with the police if she wished to pursue damages later on.

With that, we were quickly off.

How much longer into 2018 will the Dems and leftists in America continue hallucinate like a deranged ajumma and demand that Trump "pay" for damaging their imaginary bumper?

King Baeksu said...

>a representative from my friend's insurance agent

*a representative from my friend's insurer

King Baeksu said...

Just got a message from my Korean friend: The crazy bitch went ahead and filed an official report with the police!

Never underestimate the sickness of your fellow human beings.

Kevin Kim said...


Sorry to hear that this is happening. What a nightmare.