Friday, January 05, 2018

famille française: mise à jour

A much-treasured yearly photo of my French family (click to enlarge):

It's been almost eleven years since I last visited the Ducoulombiers. So strange to see that Augustin (the son, lower-left corner) is old enough to sport a beard (or beardling, in this case). I'm happy to see Dom's mom and dad in the pic. Papa is 82 this year.

Top row, L to R: Véronique (Dom's wife), Dominique (my French "brother" since 1986), Joséphine (eldest daughter), Papa (Pierre).

Seated, L to R: Augustin (son, second eldest), Héloïse (second daughter, third eldest), Timothé (youngest son), Maman (Jeannette).

This post, from 2007, serves as a good comparison. In it, you can see almost everyone back when they were so much younger. How time flies, eh?

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The Maximum Leader said...

What a wonderful photo. How beautiful and happy they all are. And how the kids grow! I hope you can visit soon.