Friday, January 19, 2018

"A New Old Skywalker" by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rian Johnson's buddy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who has starred in such Johnson vehicles as "Looper" and "Brick"), has written an essay defending the version of Luke Skywalker that we meet in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." It's not a bad piece; it makes a few good points, and if you number yourself among the butthurt, the essay might be worth your while. characters are usually better when they’re flawed. Speaking as an actor, when I’m considering whether or not I want to play a certain character, I’m always looking for a healthy balance of virtues and shortcomings. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel real. No one is a perfect hero or a perfect villain[;] we’re more complicated than that, every one of us. Flawless characters feel thin. And forgive me if I blaspheme, but the young Luke Skywalker always did feel just a little light to me, which is why it was so cool this time around to see him fill out into a more imperfect human being.

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