Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SOTU: the next best thing

I didn't get to see the State of the Union address, but I have access to the next best thing, i.e., Stephen Green & Co. "drunkblogging" the event. See here.

Stephen Green's concluding remarks:

I think we're to the wrap now, so I'll give my quick wrap.

Trump used political judo against the Democrats tonight, daring them to sit and stare as he boasted of the benefits which conservative policies have delivered to liberal constituencies.

And by and large, Democrats took the dare. They refused to applaud for delivering on jobs to black[s], on providing a path to citizenship for Dreamers, on moving our embassy to Jerusalem, and other items, too.

Trump reached across the aisle, counting on Democrats to slap his hand.

They did.

Trump was the grownup tonight -- something which seemed unlikely two years ago as he bullied and insulted his way through the GOP debates.

The Democrats looked like losers, to borrow one of Trump's favorite words, as decades-worth of unfulfilled Democrat promises are being delivered on by... Republicans. And not by some monolithic all-powerful party, but by an almost-impossible assemblage of establishment types, true believers, and one upstart GOP newcomer who also delivered one helluva SOTU.

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King Baeksu said...

According to CBS, a whopping 75% of speech viewers approved of the SOTU address. Here's a breakdown.

Meanwhile, the Dems in attendance looked like petulant children.

I think we're breaking the conditioning.