Tuesday, March 27, 2018

all storms eventually pass, but some pass sooner than others

Philip DeFranco's most recent video confirms what I wrote yesterday re: how the CBS Stormy Daniels interview adds nothing new to the discussion. The interview did, however, get over 22 million views, making it a ratings coup for 60 Minutes, so on some level, it probably had a temporary impact. That said, the American public, like publics everywhere, has a short memory, so I don't expect the interview itself to have much of a ripple effect.

Adding to the insignificance is the amusing fact—pointed out by Gateway Pundit and others—that Stormy Daniels had hugely dilated pupils during the interview (I didn't notice), indicating that she was very likely high. There are other reasons one's pupils can be dilated, of course—fear, for instance—but most online speculation is focusing on the idea that ol' Uncle Stormy was drugged to the gills, maybe as a way to keep herself from freaking out during her interview. The woman has a lot to stress about: she's facing a potential $20 million lawsuit from Trump's lawyers for breaking her nondisclosure agreement.

So it seems that Stormy Daniels is already beginning to self-destruct, yet another example of The Trump Effect in action. There could be implications regarding campaign-finance law, but I expect Trump's army of lawyers to circle the wagons and protect their master from deep harm. By November, it'll be, "Stormy who? Oh, yeah—that one. Heh."

UPDATE: independent confirmation that Stormy Daniels is basically doing herself in.


King Baeksu said...

You can't be a victim when you're the one who asked for it.

Kevin Kim said...

Indeed. Oddly enough, she insisted she wasn't a victim, and that the sex was totally consensual. She also said she didn't want to have sex with Trump, and that she wasn't at all attracted to him... yet they had sex, anyway. I think she missed a huge opportunity to play the #MeToo rape angle, here. Maybe she's just a porn star with a heart of gold. Or maybe she was just trippin' balls, as all the kids say these days.

King Baeksu said...

If she didn't want to have sex with him, why did she make a move on him?

She's trash, but what do you expect from a porn star? Trump used her and quickly moved on. She got played, in other words, and that's probably what irks her most.