Thursday, March 22, 2018

meat in da heat

I've got a beef-lamb mixture baking in my oven right now, in preparation for tomorrow's gyrofest. I'm regretting doing this, though, because when I slice the baked loaves of meat, they're not going to slice smoothly,* despite my having attempted a fine grind of the meat in my teeny food processor. In retrospect, what I should've done was to knead the meat, herbs, spices, and seasonings, then freeze the whole thing, then shave off slices to pan-fry, thus obviating the need for baking at all. Ah, well. Live and learn. On the bright side: it's still gonna taste good when we all sit down to eat.

Also made a huge batch of tzatziki with Greek yogurt. Not bad, I must say, and probably even better now, as the sauce has had a chance to marry its many fresh flavors overnight. Expect photos of gyro-ness tomorrow.

*UPDATE, 10:06PM: the meat, now cooled, does slice smoothly. Woo-hoo!

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