Tuesday, March 06, 2018

the era of Krakengärd begins!

My buddy Mike was under the impression that I needed some deodorant (I have indeed complained about how difficult it is to find proper deodorant here in Korea, and have only rarely mentioned that I can find deodorant at Gwangjang Market near Jongno 5-ga or get deodorant from my buddy Tom, who buys it by the bagful in the Philippines), so for Christmas, he and his son went deodorant-hunting and happened upon a nifty-looking Old Spice deodorant called Krakengärd. The image of the angry kraken seemed amusingly "Game of Thrones"-y to Mike and his boy (perhaps evoking the Drowned God?), so they very kindly purchased two sticks and sent them my way. I told Mike, at Christmas, that I'd start using the Krakengärd once I finished my current stick of Gillette Clear Gel. I'm fairly brand-loyal to Gillette, but I do like the scent of Old Spice, so I think the switchover will make for a pleasantly fragrant experience. And lo and behold: the switchover happens today! No gel came out of my Gillette, this morning, when I tried to swab my pits, so I went to the closet and released the kraken! Thanks, Mike and Iain!


The Maximum Leader said...

It is our pleasure to supply. I hope that the results are satisfactory.

Kevin Kim said...

I can attest that the deodorant is still strongly fragrant (and pleasantly so—I do like Old Spice) at 11:10PM. I slathered some on around 10AM this morning, so it's definitely got staying power. I need to put it to the test by going on a 5-hour walk!

Thanks again, man.

The Maximum Leader said...

What is dead can never die.

Hail Cthulhu, Old Spice, and the Drowned God for the Krakengard deodorants puissance.