Friday, March 23, 2018

let's talk about guns and marches and kids

Colion Noir is a rare creature: a black defender of the Second Amendment. Guns are his thing; much of his YouTube channel is devoted to testing, and talking about, new guns. Mr. Noir is also dead serious about social issues surrounding guns, and he's been particularly vocal ever since the recent Parkland massacre, talking about what he sees as a deeply misguided reaction by some of the high-school youths who survived that shooting, and who have since become prominent faces and voices at the national level.

The following video features several things: on-the-street interviews, a one-on-one chat with one of Colion's close friends, and Colion himself speaking directly to the camera. I found it impossible to turn away, and while I'm not sure I'm totally on board with all of Mr. Noir's agenda, I can see where he's coming from (because, thankfully, he's crystal-clear about his own position), and I can respect his logic. Some of Mr. Noir's language is exaggerated and polemical, designed more for the pro-2A crowd who already agrees with him than for the anti-gun crowd who disagrees with him. Despite the polemics, though, I ended up with a few points worth considering, which is all one can ask for when a video is about a touchy subject like gun control. I've also subscribed to Mr. Noir's YouTube channel.

UPDATE: this video appears to have been yanked by YouTube, which has gone on a frenzy of repression of right-leaning perspectives of late. Mr. Noir seems to be republishing that video in little pieces, showing short clips here and there. Visit his channel to see more.

UPDATE 2: the vid seems to be back. For now.

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