Wednesday, March 28, 2018

the early bird gets the worm

Goddamn taxis. Normally, the very moment I step outside of my building, there's a taxi pulling up next to it. Here in the Daecheong Station neighborhood, we're close enough to high-traffic Jamshil for taxis to be plentiful. But today, for some reason, there were none to greet me. I waited... and waited... and waited... but nothing. Oh, a few cabs did pass me, but they were all going in the wrong direction, as Murphy's Law would have it. Normally, for a 9AM movie, stepping out of my apartment at 8:25 is plenty of time to take the elevator to the lobby, walk out the side of the building, and instantly flag a cab that can get me to the mall by 8:50AM, which gives me enough time to walk to the cinema, buy a ticket, and walk right to my seat without having to wait. Not today, though: I waited until 8:40AM for a cab and decided that that was the cutoff point: it wouldn't be worth jumping into a taxi after that time, only to arrive late to the movie.

So I'm not seeing the 9AM showing of "Ready Player One" this morning, and it pisses me off because I normally don't wake up this early. I'm debating going to work and finishing the day early. That, or I might take a nap. I doubt I'll be seeing the movie tonight, so I guess I'll try again tomorrow morning. There's another 9AM show then. I reckon I'll just have to be out on the street a lot earlier if I hope to catch a cab.

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