Thursday, December 20, 2018

90% satisfaction

Package pirates are a growing problem in the United States. Just go to YouTube and type "package pirate" or "package thief/thieves" into the search window, and you'll see the extent of the problem.* YouTube also has plenty of videos showing people's clever methods of revenge against these lowlifes, and one of those videos comes from science guy Mark Rober, who apparently lives in a neighborhood that's full of package thieves. Rober, an engineer with a penchant for inventing things, decided to strike back at the thieves by designing a sort of harmless "bomb" that would shoot glitter, emit fart spray, and record the thieves via several cell phones. Here is his story:

I titled this post "90% satisfaction" because, for me, true justice—100% satisfaction—would mean turning those packages into fucking fragmentation grenades so that these butt-suckers would have something to remember me by for life.

*A close cousin of the package pirate/thief is the asshole who trespasses in order to uproot your "Trump 2020" yard sign, which is like a magnet to these stupid twats. I love the vids in which clever homeowners have managed to electrify their signs. Zot! Surprise, fuckhead!


John from Daejeon said...

According to CNN, it seems that these were staged and not real after all.
Package thieves ambushed by an engineer's 'glitter bombs' were not all real robbers, he admits

Here's the real deal though and a few videos of his box in action.

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I saw something about that in the comments.