Thursday, December 13, 2018

probably not walking

Last night, we cell-phone owners received a shotgunned snow-and-ice warning via text message. Sure enough, it snowed this morning, and right now, as evening encroaches, temperatures are going down, and the slush and puddles are beginning to freeze. I don't know how long the water is going to be on the ground, but since I'm extremely paranoid about walking on icy surfaces, I'm canceling the planned walk this weekend (and frankly, I'd been looking for a reason to cancel). Had it remained cold and dry, I'd have done the walk, most likely. But no: Seoul is currently covered in a gentle dusting of snow. It all looks pretty, but I worry about falling on my ass and/or twisting an ankle. I also see that they're forecasting precipitation for Sunday, which would have been Day 2 of that walk. I have no desire to be cold and wet while walking in subzero temperatures.

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