Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"This is the logical outcome of the notion that speech is violence."

One reason not to move back West is the continuing squelching of free speech.* One Russian-born comedian tasked with performing at a university's charity event (no pay for the comedian) recently tweeted about the ridiculous "Behavioral Agreement Form" he was asked to sign before he could appear on stage. Click here for the full story.

Not only is this the logical outcome of the notion that speech is violence, this is also the logical outcome of protecting people from untoward speech through the creation of ridiculous "safe spaces." If college isn't supposed to be the place where your preconceptions are challenged, then what the fuck is it supposed to be? Don't bother: I already know the answer to that.

*This in no way implies that South Korea is a free-speech haven. Read Joshua's blog for more.


John Mac said...

The incident you linked was from the UK, where the delicate flowers are in full bloom, but it certainly shows where the USA is headed. Makes me sad to see this happening. I expect there will be a reckoning, but it may come from the next generation tired of living under oppressive PC rules.

I'm old enough to remember when it was the right wing conservatives who tried to suppress the "freedom" movements of the 1960s. And now the progressives have become the thought Nazis. What a world!

Kevin Kim said...

I'll correct my post to reflect the UK connection. Thanks.