Wednesday, December 19, 2018

my latest numbaz

Went to the doctor this morning. Let's just cut right to it:

Blood pressure: 125/85 (better than last time, and not horrible overall)
Blood sugar: 130 (lowest yet, I think—yay, me)
HbA1c: 8.1 (bad, but improved from 8.7 last time)

End result: same suite of meds as last time. No changes.

Since I've started walking and watching what I eat again (roughly one meal a day, per my meal schedule in France), I've been losing a bit of weight. Over the past three or so weeks, I lost 3 kg, although I still need to lose about ten more if I want to get down to my "floor" weight of 115 kg. Eventually, I need to get down to 90 kg, which is my Switzerland weight from the 1989-90 era (my junior year in college, when I was studying abroad), but that's not happening without some truly radical changes in my current lifestyle, and to be honest, I'm not sure how willing I am to make such changes. Ideally, I should find the will. "The training is nothing; the will is everything!" grated Henri Ducard (a.k.a. R'as al-Ghul, played by Liam Neeson) to Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins." It's just a movie quote, but there's much truth in it.

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John Mac said...

Yeah, you are right. A healthy lifestyle is important. But so is having style in your life, and that means doing (and consuming) things you enjoy. That's not always a contradictory proposition, I think it's just a question of balance.

I envy your BP numbers!