Wednesday, December 05, 2018

you think you're having a bad day?

Your day hasn't been as bad as that of the inattentive dude who fucked almost an entire warehouse with his forklift. It looks as if at least one coworker gets buried along with the luckless forklift driver himself.

And your day hasn't been as bad as that of the dude who, for shits and giggles, ordered food from the worst-rated restaurant in town—döner, French onion soup (with no cheese), garlic toast, fries, and a bizarre lobster:


  1. There is no way that warehouse was up to safety regulations. The dude just nicked the shelves and they collapsed like a house of cards. There had to be too much weight on them.

  2. Looks that way. What a shit show.

    There are lots of "warehouse collapse" videos on YouTube. I suddenly want to become a safety inspector and compare various disasters. How many were preventable? (At a guess, all of them!)



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