Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mexican dinner

Friday night, my buddy Charles met Michael, my former boss. I had told Michael about Charles because Michael had mentioned he was engaging in a project that required foreigners fluent in Korean. I know how busy Charles already is, so I knew he wouldn't be saying yes to any proposal Michael made, and I said this to Michael, who insisted he wanted to meet Charles, anyway. Like my friend Tom, Michael is an inveterate networker.

So the three of us met in Itaewon last night, and after running through a few restaurant alternatives, we settled on Mexican, going to one of Michael's favorite haunts, a place with the painfully corny name of Taco Amigo. I had been to this establishment years ago with Michael; back then, the place was tiny and cramped, and the staffers all looked more Somalian than Mexican. The place has apparently expanded since then, and the staffers and cooks are all different, too. I have to say: the food was much better this time around.

I got the chimichanga with chorizo:

Michael got salsa verde enchiladas:

Charles got enchiladas with mole:

Portion sizes were adequate for big guys; Charles, the lone not-so-big guy, ended up destroying his enchiladas but not finishing his sides. We went for coffee and hot chocolate after dinner; conversation the entire time was pleasant, with plenty of Koreana being discussed, and with my ex-boss inevitably talking about his collection of "Occupied Japan"-era hand-painted teacups and saucers. In the end, promises were made to keep in touch, and a good evening was had by all.

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Charles said...

I've been pondering this since last night, and I think the plates themselves were huge. That has to be it. Because it didn't look like all that much food, but I ended up stuffed to the gills.