Thursday, December 06, 2018

four memes (thanks, Bill)

With thanks to Bill Keezer for linking to these.

Lame excuse, heard again and again with every failure:

But—but—what about Scandinavia? See here and here and here.

I love this next one, which show's the left's Catch-22:

On the one hand, the left deplores what's been done to the American Indians, a.k.a. the Native Americans. It's ammunition for the contention that the US is a shithole founded on a lake of innocent blood. But can leftists face the fact that it was their beloved government that committed those crimes, among others? My only question—which I suppose I can resolve for myself in a few minutes by consulting Google—is whether Ford ever actually said this. Even if he didn't, the quote is a good one.

UPDATE: probably yes.

This next one goes up there with, "I'll start caring about the environment when Leonardo DiCaprio stops traveling to eco-conferences in private jets."

Some oversensitive twat is going to call this last one racist:

Ocasio-Cortez and her amazingly asinine superpowers!

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