Saturday, December 08, 2018

my little bro does a Tiny Desk concert at NPR

I have to share this. My little brother Sean, a professional cellist, threw in with a group called Diane Coffee to perform at a Tiny Desk Concert—an event held at the desk of NPR "All Songs Considered" commentator Bob Boilen. I first heard of Tiny Desk Concerts a day or so ago, when my friend Justin Yoshida linked to a Wu Tang Clan concert in Boilen's office. Here's Diane Coffee, with Sean as part of the background "talent":

Right at the 2:13 mark, there's a nice, slow, loving upward pan of the camera when it's pointed at Sean, so for a few seconds, my little bro dominates the screen (and lo, it happens again around 17:20). I admit I was proud, even though I had absolutely zero to do with Sean's musical formation over the years: I have no musical talent of my own.

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Charles said...

Sweet! Congrats to Sean for the exposure!

I've known about Tiny Desk since earlier this year, when I saw the Korean group SsingSsing perform (look them up on YouTube--it's worth a watch).