Monday, April 10, 2017

off the Christian calendar

I've drifted so far away from my Christian roots that I completely forgot that yesterday was Palm Sunday. Next Sunday is Easter, which means this week is Holy Week.

This coming Sunday, I'll be strapping on my backpack and hiking along the creekside trail with my Korean buddy JW and his son. We'll be engaging in "product testing," i.e., I'll let the kid unroll and set up my bivy sack, my foam pad, and my sleeping bag; after that, we'll test out my camp stove to see whether I can actually heat up a small pot of water that I'll use to reconstitute a Mountain house lunch. I'm hoping that I'll also be able to share an MRE,* and I'll definitely be sharing my grosser food, i.e., the Survival Tabs and Soylent. We'll also test out my Grayl water-purification system. Here's hoping no one ends up with the shits.

Am looking forward to next week. Easter ought to be fun. And as per my French family's tradition, I might prep a salmon dinner for JW and his family** to make up for all the gross camp food that JW and his son will have eaten.

*MREs haven't arrived yet. Even if they don't get here in time for Easter product testing, I do hope they get here before I'm off on my walk!

**JW's wife and daughter won't be with us during the product testing, but I might invite them over for a nice, rib-sticking dinner.

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