Friday, July 20, 2007

Ave, Malcolm!

Two posts of note over at Waka Waka Waka:

1. You all doubtless know about the New York City steam pipe explosion by now. Not terrorism, but still pretty horrific. One dude in a truck was idling right over the point that exploded. The live steam gushed around him and his truck, and he now has third-degree burns over eighty percent of his body. Malcolm's a New Yorker, and he saw and heard both the blast and the subsequent gushing of steam. His take.

2. Malcolm claims to be a "carnivore's carnivore." He writes, in prose worthy of Mark Leyner: "I’ve even considered attempting a diet that consists solely of animals that are themselves carnivores, just to get right up on the tippy-tippy top of the food chain." I had a good laugh.


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Malcolm Pollack said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks as always for the shout-out.

As it happened, I was also interviewed by a Washington Post reporter outside my office, and my opinions found their way into print here.