Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mark Leyner: Mégalomachine

One more piece in the spirit of Bastille Day, as we examine a post from a French blog called Coolture, which is partly devoted to new books. I found a blog post from last year that advertises the arrival of Mark Leyner's 1992(!!) book, Et Tu, Babe. The book has been retitled Mégalomachine in French. The title captures the theme and tone of Leyner's novel, but loses the disjointed, anachronistic quirkiness of the English-language title. I snapped a pic of the blog post in question and was fascinated not only by the French overview of the book, but also by the new cover design (if you're unfamiliar with Leyner's book, one US version of the book's cover can be found here; other versions exist, but this is the version I own). Take a look:


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Malcolm Pollack said...

I read this book about the time it came out; it's a riot.