Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the look of my site

Charles tells me that, on his computer, my site's sidebar is shoved down to the bottom (he calls it an "underbar," which sounds vaguely German). Anyone else having this problem? I used to get complaints from time to time about this from various readers during the blog's first two years of existence, and I've seen the problem myself when responding to reader complaints. But I haven't had any problems with the blog's look since, oh, 2005 or thereabouts. The PC at work shows the blog correctly, as does my Mac (with its tiny monitor) at home.

If you've been experiencing underbar problems with my blog, please leave a comment. Do me a favor and tell me whether the blog looks OK on one monitor but not another. Check, too, whether the blog behaves differently depending on factors like browser, browser settings, font size, browser screen size, monitor size/settings, etc. Thanks in advance.


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Charles said...

Ah, mea culpa on this one. Apparently the "problem" is that your sidebar is so long that it extends far below any single post. Since I usually visit your site directly from my feed reader, I only usually see one post at a time.

What confused me was the way Blogger handles the sidebar in terms of positioning, etc. That is, once the post ends, the sidebar takes up the entire width of the page. What this means in practical terms is that everything from the Dalma Daesa down to (but not including) Turds in the Korean Punch Bowl ends up being centered in the middle of the page if the post doesn't extend down that far. The horizontal rules also stretch for the entire width of the page, making it looked like the sidebar has been "pushed down."

And while I'm at it (and in a weak attempt to deflect attention away from myself here), how would you feel up moving your archives up a bit in the sidebar (or maybe moving them to a right-hand sidebar)? I think I visited your site for months before I realized you even had an archive, seeing as it is thirty screens down.

But that's just an idea. In sum: nothing to see here. Move along.

*whistles innocently*