Monday, July 09, 2007


Let's say you're having a bit of trouble at home. Maybe it's money-related, maybe the hubby's being a pain (or maybe it's his brother, i.e., your brother-in-law), maybe your son isn't doing as well as he could in school. Would your first instinct be to consult three different fortune tellers and shamans to determine what might be going on?



Jelly said...

No. I think the shamans and fortune tellers would cost money. So first, I would throw chicken bones on the floor and interpret the solutions to my woes depending on how they landed. Then I would disembowel a pig and read its intestines. Then I would perform a 3 hour ceremonial dance while drinking all the pig's blood (and four bottles of soju) and solve my troubles depending how I felt the next the morning.
Wouldn't you?
I saw Korean shamen and shawomen during my many trips to the hospital recently. My Korean buddy was impressed I knew what they were. I stomped up to them and showed them my injuries and demanded, "DO SOMETHING!"
The shaman blew cigarette smoke in my face and continued talking into his cellphone. Hmph.

R said...


I consulted three shamans and a cat before posting this comment.

I once had a student whose father was the most famous fortune teller in the town. I should have named this kid 'Bane' he wasn't very bright, had the attention span of a butterfly, and what must have been liquid crack running through his veins.