Friday, July 06, 2007


This might not matter much to you, Dear Reader, but my blog's internal search function finally works again, and that's vitally important to me. You see, I often quote sections of old posts, so it's imperative that I be able to find those posts. The Google search feature sucks at this: it rarely finds my old blog entries accurately. However, the old internal search window (when you're on the "edit posts" page, inside Blogger) used to be perfect at finding any post I wanted. As long as I knew one word in the target post, that post would unfailingly appear in the search results. For months after Blogger's changeover, however, the internal search function didn't work-- I kept getting error messages. I combed the Blogger customer service message boards and discovered that many, many others had been experiencing similar difficulties (and had been reporting the same serial numbers for their error messages), but despite all these complaints, no action was taken for a long, long time.

It seems someone finally resolved the issue. Thank you, Someone. May it stay resolved.


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