Thursday, July 26, 2007

Smoo bazaar

Final call: you're invited to the Smoo Lingua Bazaar!

Our bazaar is held every summer and winter semester. The idea is to allow our students the chance to practice their English in a slightly more free-form environment than the language classroom. You're especially welcome if you're a foreigner: all the more chance for the students to practice with you!

This time around, the English and Korean classes will be holding their respective bazaars together, so you can expect a great deal of food, games, and other fun activities.

My group will be doing several things at once:

1. selling takoyaki (luckily, my colleague had a takoyaki-p'an)
2. selling watermelon slices
3. selling iced tea
4. selling p'atbingsu (Korean crushed-ice sundae)
5. selling clothing and other castoffs/hand-me-downs
6. selling laminated bookmarks
7. selling Polaroid shots
8. selling art (Kevin-made art, as always)

My luck varies when it comes to selling art. The foreigners seem to like it more than the Koreans, who tend to complain, "That's too expensive!" no matter what price I quote. So if you come to the bazaar, I'll be selling to you, Joe or Jane Foreigner, Jacques ou Jeanne Etranger/ère.

The particulars:

DATE: Thursday, July 26th (today!)

TIME: 1:30 to 3:30PM (the office mis-posted this as 1:30-3PM, or they changed the time on me without telling me, which wouldn't surprise me at all)

LOCATION: Smoo Social Education Building, 1st Floor (cafe/lobby level)

Other things you might see at the bazaar:

1. Middle Eastern-style café
2. Nail painting and/or fake tattooing
3. Massage
4. Korean food cooked by foreigners (the Korean classes are usually big on food)
5. Games (possibly a water balloon contest, though I don't know whether that will actually happen)

Things you probably won't see:

1. the peep show one of my colleagues mentioned
2. crack dealers
3. pop star Rain (not appearing due to lack of interest)
4. Dr. Hwang Woo Seok
5. my brother's spoiled black chihuahua

Hope to see you there. I'll be the large, half-Korean dude featured prominently on this blog.


1 comment:

R said...

You didn't mention that p'atbingsu's ingredient list includes nasty red beans.

I fuckin' hate that shit.

Otherwise I'd be right over.