Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potter spoilers!

I should be asleep, but I've been reading all night, and now it's after 5AM. I decided to renege on my previous promise not to reveal some Harry Potter spoilers because they're just too juicy not to reveal. So here goes. Ready your tomatoes if I'm ruining things for you.

1. I was shocked that Hermione was killed off in the first twenty pages. That was totally unexpected. Wow.

2. Percy Weasley is one of the seven Horcruxes? That, too, came out of nowhere.

3. I suspected that Harry was actually a relative of Dumbledore, so it was cool to see this suspicion finally confirmed.

4. Dumbledore's "ghost" (a ruse by Nearly Headless Nick) was a lame plot device. I wanted Harry to be the one to kill Snape.

5. Rita Skeeter is back, and her fight with Professor McGonagall (who accidentally kills Skeeter) is one of the more memorable passages.

6. Voldemort was actually a pawn of the evil wizard Grindelwald the entire time? Silly. Why wait until Book 7 to reveal this?

Other than that, no complaints. The Voldemort-Potter fight is everything I imagined it would be, though poor Ginny didn't have to die in Harry's arms, did she?



Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Just you wait, Big Ho. I'll get you yet for revealing all about the latest by Rowling.

I'll also get Dr. Hodges, who has just today (July 30, 2007) posted his own plot spoilers! He hasn't realized that his blog is a horcrux and that I am taking possession of his soul and using his body to post this message here, the fool...

Thomas V. Riddle

* * *

Malcolm Pollack said...

Hi Kevin,

I have just finished the book, so at last read this post, having heretofore averted my gaze.

You are one twisted fucker.

Warmest regards, M