Friday, July 20, 2007

housekeeping notes

1. My phone is pretty much dead. I can send and receive text messages, but the battery can no longer stay latched onto the phone, making it nearly impossible to use for verbal communication. The phone is already stuck in its charger cradle: I can't remove it from the cradle to use it, which makes it tantamount to a land line. Now, thanks to the phone's having vibrated and dropped off my desk, the battery's fasteners (what's the proper term for those holes and hooks?) have broken and the battery won't sit flat against the phone without help. To use the phone, I now have to pin it to the charger cradle with my thumbs.

2. I have my boots back. It was a W10,000 repair, and I'm going to test them out later today, probably during an evening Namsan walk (which I'm not looking forward to).

3. My book appears to be up and running on both sites.


1 comment:

daeguowl said...

I have a spare handset somewhere if you're interested...almost brand new