Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Koreans: a low priority?

While I understand the general lack of sympathy for the Korean hostages in Afghanistan, I don't understand how Lindsay Lohan's recent arrest (as of this writing, her story tops the headlines at the Drudge Report) is more newsworthy than the terrifying drama unfolding in Central Asia. What exactly am I missing?

A cynic might say this is a reality check for Koreans, who tend to view themselves as the center of the world. I respond that every culture tends to view itself as the center of the world, and the current hostage crisis deserves a lot more airplay than it's getting. Certainly more than the trivial misfortunes of Lindsay Lohan.

UPDATE: Jeff in Pusan responds. He may have a point.



Anonymous said...

Maybe yew should headline your post, "Hostages: a low priority?"

cuz it doesn't seem like hostages in general get much coverage - especially lately. Folks are probably numb to all of this news - and that's why the hostage takers are doing bigger, bolder things - trying tew stay in the news.

Anonymous said...

Although I find Ms. Lohan's antics to be unnewsworthy, I don't expect many in the USA would view the plight of the 23 Koreans held captive by Taliban of particular interest either. It is no secret that most Americans could not find Korea on a map, these kidnappings just won't register on the average Joe's radar.

That said, there is lots of bad news in the world these days and even as a resident of the ROK I don't find these particular lives more compelling or valuable than the multitude of other victims of Islamic terrorists.

What I find moderately interesting is that the Korean press expects the US to do something, what exactly, they don't say. If it is expected that we support negotiating with terrorists and/or releasing prisoners in exchange for hostages, I can't see us deviating from our long held (and correct) policy of refusing to bargain for hostages. Now, if we could locate where these hapless folks are being held, an attempt to take them by force would be a good thing, but then I hear the pussified President Roh has nixed that option.

Bottom line, not America's problem. Hence the lack of interest in the USA.