Wednesday, January 05, 2011

assaulting your senses

You may have noticed the new Twitter feed on this blog's right-hand sidebar, which I added yesterday, and which now forces those of you who have been ignoring my tweets to read and worship them in all their succinct, pseudo-profound glory.

Unfortunately, the addition of the Twitter widget has forced me to recognize an aesthetic problem: the top of my original sidebar has been sinking lower and lower under the weight of the new widgets-- Twitter and Follow. I'm beginning to think that reconfiguring the blog to have two sidebars might be the way to go, with Twitter, Follow, and the archives on the left, while the rest of the sidebar remains on the right.

The 2-sidebar template promises to be hell to read on a small monitor or a smart phone (unless you turn your phone sideways), but most people have laptops and desktops with wide screens whose aspect ratios could easily accommodate the 2-sidebar look. If I do change templates, I don't plan to sacrifice the main text column's current width: if I made it any narrower, I'd have to readjust the widths of every single image I've ever blogged, and that would be too much work for an old fart like me to deal with. Same goes for the current and future sidebars: they'll be of equal width, and won't be narrower than the current sidebar's present width.

Don't fret yet. I won't be making any major changes until I've thought this through and done a bit of behind-the-curtain experimentation. At the same time, don't be surprised if this blog sprouts another sidebar.


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