Monday, January 17, 2011

bleg for students

If you're in Korea (or the US, or anywhere else), and you know some Korean students who'd like to learn or practice English, I've been creating a series of ads on eBay for just that purpose. So far, there are only two:

1. English Conversation through Skype (all levels; bad Korean thrown in for the low-level students, who can't be expected to understand everything in the ad; the ad also features 2008-era YouTube links to me speaking in different languages)

2. Current Events English through Skype (a more serious ad for high-intermediate to advanced learners of English; no Korean in the ad at all, nor any YouTube links)

Later today: ads for reading and for composition, along with ads for stuff I'm selling.



Unknown said...

Is ebay popular in Korea? All my cousins seem to be on Cyworld and I can't imagine they don't have some marketplace functionality.

Kevin Kim said...

I don't think eBay's all that popular in Korea-- if Koreans know about it at all. But there are a number of US-based Koreans who might be aware of it. The psychological hurdle is that many Koreans are paranoid about using unfamiliar payment methods, such as PayPal (which eBay owns).

I've been told I might need to visit some Korean sites (Daum, Naver, etc.) in order to attract attention to my ads. Figuring out how to penetrate CyWorld is trickier. For that, I might have to lean on Korea-based Westerners, with CyWorld accounts, who'd be willing to help a half-Korean bruvva out.