Monday, January 24, 2011

the secret to writing badly... well

Thanks to Lee Farrand's excellent blog, I've happened upon a hilarious blog by Joel Stickley called How to Write Badly Well. The blog purports to teach the aspiring creative writer how to revel in his or her own mediocrity by embracing all the literary tropes and techniques that add up to poor creative writing.

Stickley has apparently only been blogging for a short while (since the latter half of 2009), but he's amassed a huge following (if his blog's Followers count is any indication), and has even taken his show on the road, as demonstrated by a series of YouTube videos of one of his stage performances. I envy what he did, because I've occasionally mulled over putting together a one-man show that takes the audience on an epic journey through time and space, language, hard science, psychology, and religion, highbrow and lowbrow humor. If you have an hour, check out Stickley's series of videos, starting with Part 1 here.


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