Friday, January 14, 2011


Carrie Fisher has apparently been on the Big Hominid diet for too long. She's now signed on as a celebrity spokeswoman for dieting monster Jenny Craig. I sincerely hope she gets to script her own commercials: she's a fantastically witty, hilarious writer, and her weight loss journey would make for a great series of commercials.

An interesting review of the Kinect for XBox is here. If I had an XBox, I'd get a Kinect for sure. The concept alone beats the hell out of the Wii: imagine playing video games without any controllers at all. It's every other console manufacturer's nightmare.


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Charles said...

I haven't heard any of Carrie Fisher's comedy. I was just shocked at how completely unrecognizable she is (at least to me) in those photos. Had I not already known it was Carrie Fisher, I never would have guessed.