Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Hemorrhoid

I'm currently attempting a new cake recipe. If it works out right, it'll be the chocolate cake's answer to vanilla rum cake. While I'm tempted to call it The Happy Hemorrhoid given the cake's Bundt shape, I'm sure I'll have to pick another name if I plan to sell the thing on eBay. Any name suggestions for a chocolate Bundt cake infused with a lovely berry sauce? Nothing naughty, alas, even though a faux-Scandinavian name like Waidønču Fockæhöl is tempting.



Charles said...

You should definitely go with Waidønču Fockæhöl. I'd by a cake with that name.

I can't really think of any names that aren't blindingly obvious (Chocolate Berry Cake) or excruciatingly corny (Berry Choc-a-hole-ic). I think I kind of suck at naming things.

Charles said...

Oh, oh, I got one!

"Berried Chocolate Treasure"

...too corny?

hahnak said...

i like the berried treasure one. fits kevin scat style and its also descriptive of the actual cake. nice job!