Monday, January 31, 2011

it's not just Karen rebels

It seems that everyone likes that line from the most recent Rambo film, even women in Cairo:

It's actually "Live for nothin', or die for somethin'." But I'd rather see the above mis-quoted slogan than "Freedom Go to Hell" and so on. Good luck to the people of Egypt as they sort out their troubles.



Lalique said...

Helllooo there from Turkey visiting your nice blog

Kevin Kim said...

I don't know how nice my blog is, but thank you for visiting!

En fait j'ai eu le plaisir de visiter votre blog, et je vois que vous êtes multilingue! Super! Et félicitations à Alexandra, qui vient de recevoir sa ceinture jaune!

Attention: mon blog n'est pas pour enfant! J'ai un sens de l'humour assez cochon.