Friday, January 21, 2011

my scalp sees the light of day

Finally! I shaved off all my hair today, after almost two months of not visiting a barber. The shagginess had finally gotten to me, so I had to do it.

And I'm glad I did.

The only unfortunate part of the process was the need to drag the razor over a few scalp zits, which of course meant they got ripped open and began to bleed. But the bleeding wasn't profuse; in time, even the scabs will fall away... though perhaps not before substantial regrowth has occurred. One thing I learned about shaving my head in 2009 was that it takes a good bit of work if you're trying to stay truly bald every day. In fact, you have to shave at least every two days to maintain that level of baldness. Me, all I wanted was a free haircut. So I gave myself one. I'm not planning on staying perpetually bald.

Watch this space for a possible photo later. I'll have to take that photo pretty quickly: as I said-- rapid regrowth.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr 'nid,

I believe something was said about pictures? Yes, why I'm almost certain of it. Will it be soon?


- roy.

Kevin Kim said...


Yes, indeed. And I took one... along with a ton of photos of stuff I'm eBay-ing, all of which required reformatting (cropping, resizing, de-speckling, etc.) for Web display, hence the delay. Sorry 'bout that.