Sunday, January 30, 2011

everything must go

If you've been checking my Twitter feed over on the sidebar, you've seen a lot of activity in the past few hours as I've slapped up item after item on eBay.

For those wondering what the hashtags (hash tags, i.e., "#signifier") are for: the hashtag basically takes a word from your tweet and makes it "broadcast" your tweet to all people on Twitter who are searching for tweets related to that word. By writing "#eBay" instead of just "eBay," I alert a whole bunch of Twitter-folk to the fact that I've just tweeted something eBay-related. Since my tweet also contains a link to my eBay entry, people who see my hashtagged tweet will click the link and visit my eBay item, thereby driving up the number of visits and, I hope, raising the probability that someone will see fit to purchase something from me.

In the coming weeks and months, there'll even be original art on sale, as mentioned a while back. I may have finally found a decent use for Twitter.


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