Monday, August 22, 2011


I finally-- fucking finally-- scored 20 out of 20 on Set 5 of the Quantitative Reasoning practice sets! This has been a long, hard road. Victory is sweet.

Luck was a factor, for sure: the Data Interpretation questions were easier than some of the other ones I've encountered. But caution was also a factor this time: I finished the set early, then went meticulously over my answers, ultimately correcting two of them, a move that ended up saving me from getting an 18 out of 20.

I was beginning to despair that I'd ever get through a Quant set without making a mistake. This triumph is, for a nerd like me, quite a rush.

One more practice set to go (I was wrong earlier when I said I'd be doing Set 4: this was actually Set 5 out of 6). After that, the Kaplan GRE Math book is all about tutorials. I'll do those at my own leisure.

The victory is short-lived, of course: I've got one more practice set to go, and I'd like to be able to duplicate this feat to prove that I've improved. But on the actual GRE, there'll be two sets of Quant problems, so once I jump over to my other Kaplan manual-- the one that has full-scale tests in it-- I'll see whether I can survive the endurance test. Right now, though, it's awesome to know that I am indeed capable of getting a perfect Quant score.


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Nathan B. said...

Congrats, Kevin! You certainly deserve a sense of accomplishment!